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I charge £55 for each 50-minute individual counselling session; an initial consultation which is a full-length session and enables us to meet to decide if we are happy to work together, and if agreed, each subsequent session.


Connected Counselling is £80 per 1-hour session.


Couples Counselling is £80 per 1-hour session. Sometimes a 1.5 hour session is helpful for couples work which is then £120. 

I charge £80 for each hypnotherapy session - this can be especially effective when working with phobias as well as other issues and you will likely only need a few sessions. 


Payment must be made before your session - often your mind will be full at the end of a session and this just ensures it is not forgotten about afterwards. Missed appointments with less than 48 hours notice are chargeable. 


I review my fees periodically. 


"Life's a journey, not a race."

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