"I found Daphne very easy to open up to and her guidance has really helped me to feel better in myself and to feel able to process my feelings more productively." 

"Daphne is a very empathic listener. She has been a great help to me in making sense of and managing some significant personal transitions." 

"Daphne has been wonderful, even despite the Covid-19 circumstances of having to work via video calls, she has been able to help me work through a number of issues. She is very professional and has an excellent approach to helping, with a big focus on your needs and what you want to get out of the sessions. In addition to this, she is accommodating to your schedule and availability and will work with you until you feel you are ready to stop. I am so glad I found Daphne, after each session it felt like a big breath of fresh air and I feel like a whole different person from when I started, with added tools to navigate through life! I could not recommend her enough!" 

"My sessions with Daphne have helped me to recognise and come to terms with my anxiety. Each session helped me to accept the way I was feeling and Daphne provided me with a range of strategies to help deal with triggers in the future. Thanks to Daphne, I now know that I need to acknowledge how I feel and use what I have learnt to help me deal with things better. I can't thank Daphne enough for the support she has provided me."

"I was having issues with anxiety and Daphne helped me use skills I had read about online. She was also very helpful in identifying normal forms of anxiety, which I shouldn't worry about, and those that need attention. The world is an easier place to live in now, thanks to her."

"We don't have to do it alone. We were never meant to." Brene Brown